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To find out more about what service might fit your needs best, please schedule a consultation or send me an email to find out more.

Birth chart Reading

One on One Session Work

1.5 -  2 hours  /   (price varies)

Allow me to guide you to powerfully reprogram your subconscious mind to bring about massive, transformational change.

Over a period of 4 - 6 virtual sessions we will explore your issue utilizing hypnosis. I will help you to;

- Remove belief systems that are getting in your way, 

- Assess your internal dialog (how you are speaking to yourself),

- Address habits and behaviors that may be hindering your success,

- Create new neural pathways (ways of thought) that are better serving.

Session work is a mixture of hypnosis with me, as well as mindfulness work, and taking action towards change. All aimed at helping you to feel better about you, and to connect you with your life, and achieve your results.

Relationship Reading
Cultivate calmness in your life.

Group Session Work

Workshop 1 - 3 hours

/ price varies 

Group Program 4 - 6 weeks in length

/ price varies

Throughout the year I will be offering a few different group workshops as well as programs. Workshops will range from an hour to 3 hours in length ranging from topics such as; past life regression, and stress release. Whereas programs will being several sessions long, focusing in on specific areas transformation.

yearly Transit Reading
Find time to look at the stars.

Quantum Sessions

2 - 4 hours  /   $333

If you are curious about the Quantum Realm and would like to look into connecting with your higher self, or a past life, or something else entirely, these sessions are a beautiful option.

This session accompanies nicely an intention that has recently been set, or gaining further insight into a potential path, or life questions you may have.

For questions or to find out more...

Tel: 360-621-0250

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