Hypnosis Sessions

Reconnecting Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Through Deep Insight, Healing &




Package Sessions:

Giving yourself the gift of insight opens up a world of possibilities!


Using a five phase approach, I will guide you to the root of your  issue. In gaining deep insight it will change the way you perceive yourself in the world. After gaining insight, we will work to remove and release any emotions attached to the people involved in those circumstances or events.  It is important to clear all aspects of a subconscious belief or pattern. In addition to the five phases of hypnosis, we will also work together developing healthy daily habits that will contribute to your success! 

Helping to bring balance to the entire body. Allowing for emotional blockages, and traumas to be released.


The modalities & techniques used during session work:




-Life Regression

-Energy work



-Tapping (EFT)


Offering Other Sessions in the Following Areas:                                                    (2 hours in length)















5 two-hour hypnosis sessions, one-on-one with me, over 5 weeks.​

Learn a self-hypnosis technique that will facilitate our work together

Access to me during office hours for additional support.

 Here is What My Package Includes:

Confidence Enhancement 

Before a big event or public speaking engagement.

Elevation/Energy Clearing Experience a relaxing session of energy clearing, and learn and practice techniques to balance and ground your life.

Past Life Regression & Discussion with Your Higher Self_  

Curious about who or what you were in another time?  A session of Past Life Regression will allow you to revisit yourself as someone else, including a chance to speak with your Higher Self (soul) and ask questions.