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I can help you
I am Holly! Your Hypnotist at Well Within Hypnosis.

About Me

My name is Holly Davis. Welcome to my page.

I am the Hypnotist practitioner at Well Within Hypnosis.  

My mission is to help inspire you towards a connection with your inner power and greatness. To take you to that next step in your evolution. This can mean letting go of old belief systems holding you back from; love, or abundance, or business, or just belief in yourself.


I will help you to eradicate stories that you have been identifying with, but have not been serving you (ie: feelings of unworthiness, of not being good enough, or not deserving enough.) I will guide you to instead see and identify with the enormous value that is truly you.

Within my hypnosis practice I have blended methods such as mindfulness, meditation, and expansion of conscious awareness. I have also had continuous training in Shamanic Self Healing & connecting with the multidimensional self. As well as having trained in specialty hypnosis techniques such as;

-QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) developed by Dolores Cannon,

-Past Life Regression Therapy, and Between Lives Therapy (advanced Past Life Therapy), and Spirit Releasement Therapy developed by Mark Beale,

-5 PATH (Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis) developed by Calvin  Banyan.

Whether you are looking for transformation within your day to day life, or curiosity into your spiritual self, I have the tools, and expertise to help you in a multidimensional way.


"A series of synchronicities brought me to Holly, and I am grateful for her guiding me through the process of hypnosis which in-conjunction encouraged me to reflect, meditate and grow through areas of life that I normalized.

Prior to the sessions, she walked me through the school of thought / science of hypnosis, chakras, energies and how they balance one another. "Don't pour from an empty glass" are words that have resonated with me from one of my sessions; simply stating to work on yourself before you're truly able to help others.

For those wondering about the state of hypnosis, it is a very powerful dreamlike state that you are still aware of and can be very relaxing as well."

- Claudia

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