About me:

Hello, my name is Holly Davis! I am the Consulting Hypnotist practitioner at Well Within Hypnosis.  Thanks for stopping by.

I have lived the majority of my life within the Pacific Northwest. I attended Cascade Hypnosis Center where I trained and became certified as a hypnotist, along with continuing training. I am very passionate about and involved in my own life with the practice of living “mindfully” and being present. Having taken workshops and courses on meditation, as well was further exploration into consciousness through Mind Valley classes, I incorporate it all into my own Hypnosis practice. I have also trained in QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique developed by Dolores Cannon), as well as training integrating Shamanism/Shadow Work  principles with that of Hypnosis. I find the mind to be absolutely fascinating and adore all the many facets of work we can do with Hypnosis. 

How did I get into Hypnosis?

Having practiced Mindfulness Meditation and yoga for years, and having always been avidly interested in consciousness and the mind, Hypnosis gravitated into my life in a special way and is something very near to my heart.


Through the birth of my third son, Xavier I worked with Hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing, is a technique that teaches ways to go about natural child birth with the use of self Hypnosis techniques, both to ease fear and pain during labor. The process itself was the most self empowering and life changing experience of my life.

After having gone about my two prior pregnancies with lengthy labors, epidurals, and even a csection with my second child, I knew I wanted to try an alternative approach. I had heard such wonderful things about Hypnobirthing. It put me in control and made me the creator of the birth I wanted to have, and ultimately did. With preparation time, focus, and attention to intention I brought about the best birth I could have asked for. I managed my own pain, focused on breathing and affirmations, along with the daily listening to of guided meditations, and relaxation recordings, envisioning my ideal birth,  sure enough it all came to be. Having initially been a skeptic of my ability to have a natural birth based on how my two other births had gone I was not sure what to expect, but all of my expectations were exceeded. My labor was 7 hours (not 20), I pushed for 18 minutes (not 4 hours), I wasn’t screaming at anyone or yelling and crying, I was quiet, focused and very within my own body. My birth with this little boy was done all without any pain management, apart from Hypnosis and breathing techniques. I was up and walking around soon after delivery, no tears, no trauma. And from the moment our beautiful little Xavier came into this world, and pretty much up until we left the hospital he was snuggled happily in my arms.

Birth can be an incredibly traumatic experience for both mom and baby, but it does not have to be and there are more options available than many people realize.


Following that experience my mind was blown away at the possibilities surrounding what Hypnosis can do. I dived fully in. I knew I wanted to work with and help others  while expanding awareness of this healing modality.

Prior to Xavier’s birth and prior to my work with Hypnosis. I had been in the dental field for over 10 years. The thought had regularly occurred to me that it wasn’t oral hygiene, or dental procedures that I so dearly loved about the job, it was the people. It was connecting with and learning all the stories patients had to share about their lives.


A particularly memorable experience for me was with a patient who was coming into the office I was working at to undergo restorative dental treatment and in reading over through the patient chart notes discovered that he would be completing treatment in a state of Hypnosis, so as to not be uncomfortable or even require any need for anesthetic. As many of you know, the experience of a dental visit can be a bit unnerving, but to consider having cavities filled without the use of anesthetic or nitrous? I was amazed and so incredibly impressed by this gentlemen. Upon him coming into our office, he sure enough went about his treatment entirely without anesthetic, with no problem.

The culmination of my incredible experience with Hypnobirthing, and all of  what Hypnosis really has to offer, along with my love for people and consciousness, my heartfelt goal is to help those I can with hypnosis.

My Philosophy:

I care about people first and foremost. Helping people grow and become their best selves is my passion. For those wanting to embark on great change, I am a catalyst.  I completely understand that you may have tried everything else before wanting to use Hypnosis. And I respect your beliefs and will treat you with respect. My office is safe, comfortable and located in the heart of Port Orchard. It is very important to me that you you feel relaxed, heard, and your particular situation addressed, and your concerns met.

My Qualifications







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